Farby Kabe Polska is a Swiss manufacturing company that has been operating on the Polish market since 1995.
During our long-time operation in Poland we have established our position as a leading supplier of facade and interior finishing products, including: renders, paints, insulation systems, repair and renovation systems and other chemical construction products.

KABE Swiss Group, which includes Farby KABE Polska, is a group of companies operating on the international arena in the construction and industrial sectors, guided by common values such as tradition, quality, partnership, honesty, responsible business.

The Swiss roots and the opportunity to use the expertise and achievements of R&D department of our mother company – Karl Bubenhofer AG of Gossau allow us to constantly extend our offer by new generation products.

KABE Farben, in 1999 was the world’s first company to develop the innovative facade finishing polysilicate product technology thus becoming a forerunner and leader in the field of mineral low-alkaline potassium silicate water glass based products.

Our company’s mission is to supply high-tech decorative-protective products to keep our customers fully satisfied with our products performing reliably their intended tasks for many years to come…. Our wide range of products is addressed both to professionals: Contractors, Architects, Designers, Monuments Conservators and Private Users.

By constantly striving to ensure that the products with the Farby KABE mark enjoy the trust by Customers, the company improves all quality aspects, making products easier to apply and better available in our offer, as well as the impact of the plant and manufactured products on the surrounding environment. Farby Kabe branded products are manufactured in strict compliance with the requirements of international Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001 and Environment Management System Certificate ISO 14001. The implemented standards guarantee that processes carried out in our plants are subject to constant quality control and continuous improvement.

A sign of the times are innovative solutions e.g. comprehensive external wall insulation (EWI) systems. Farby KABE Polska company offers many different thermal insulation systems “KABE THERM” to meet the market requirements and customers’ expectations. Our solutions comply with aapplicable European and national technical and construction requirements. Farby Kabe is a company with well-established position in the segment of historic buildings’ restoration systems and products.

Our portfolio comprises many well-known historic buildings, including Wilanów Palace, Royal Palace in Warsaw, Jasna Góra Monastery and many more.

The products of Farby KABE are available though our distribution chain covering the entire territory of Poland.