Wood is one of the oldest and most popular building materials, also frequently used as a decorative finishing material. Its durability, especially on the facade, is largely dependent on maintenance.

The offer of Farby KABE includes products that allow to achieve a unique wood plank effect, available in a wide range of colours.

Sample colour palette

The wood texture effect gatefold


1. PERMURO GT primer
2. KOMBI DECOR PRINT mineral mortar for decorative effects
3. KABE DP – a silicone mold for reflecting the wood texture effect
4. KABE DP2 anti-adhesive agent
5. AKRYLATEX facade paint or ARMASIL F facade paint – in the colour of the selected wood texture effect. In case of plank effect being applied indoors, the AKRYLATEX W paint or PROLATEX latex paint should be used.
6. LAZUR Z/W lazure paint in the colour of the selected wood texture effect according to the gatefold
7. LAZUR Z/W lazure paint for aging effect (optional)

The wood texture effect pressed in render can also be used on the façade with thermal insulation system:

ATTENTION! Please note that presented decorative effects depend on a large extent on the skills and experience of the contractor, therefore may differ from the presented examples of use. Farby KABE always recommends that the Contractor prepares a sample of a given decorative effect before starting actual work.
The colours shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colours are available in the gatefold with wood texture effect.