Facade paints are intended for applying paint coatings outside buildings. They are used for the first time and as renovation paints applied on mineral renders and on substrates previously painted or covered with a synthetic top coat. Facade paints are used to apply a long-life coating with high resistance to adverse weather conditions (i.e. precipitation, sunlight, changing temperatures), erosion, soiling as well as algae and fungi growth. 

A wide range of facade paints combined with its unique physical and chemical properties allows us to optimally select a product to the substrate. The range of facade paints includes a paint for bridging cracks and for painting concrete surfaces and pedestals. The best confirmation of KABE facade paints quality is their wide use for restoring historic buildings.

Silicone paints

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Polysilicate paints (low-alkaline)

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Lazure paints

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Silicate paints

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Acrylic paints

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