Silicone paints are intended for painting exteriors of buildings. Silicone paints are used in EWI systems to create a protective and decorative finishing layer and in the renovation of facades and building facades. Due to their hydrophobic properties (water repellent), silicone paints are recommended for renovation painting of surfaces exposed to intense weather conditions and requiring high resistance to dirt. They provide the best protection against fungi and algae. Silicone facade paints can be used both on mineral substrates (such as concrete, traditional cement renders, cement-lime renders and thin-layer mineral renders) and on surfaces with plastic-based renders.

Main advantages of silicate paints (external):
– high resistance to weather conditions;
– low surface water absorption;

– mineral character and noble matte appearance;
– can be used on both mineral and plastic-based substrates;
– perfect vapor permeability;
– limited surface absorption;
– a rich palette of colours possible to obtain with inorganic pigments. 

ARMASIL F – Silicone facade paint

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SILCO F – Silicone facade paint

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