Antifungal used for the preservation and protection of construction products, except for wood, for example: stone surfaces, building facades, including insulation systems, cement renders, cement-lime renders, concrete, limestone, stones, etc. Especially recommended for disinfecting and cleaning substrates before applying a new paint coating or render. The product is intended for common use.

Note: If the product is applied on substrates other than the above-mentioned, it is recommended to perform tests on an invisible substrate surface.

Active base agents of fungicidal:-alkyl (C12-16) -dimethylbenzylammoniumchloride (ADBAC / BKC (C12-16)) - 0.480g / 100g-2-octyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one (OIT) - 0.049g / 100g. The product has a biocidal effect against algae and fungus in the amount of at least 150g / m2;
Volumetric density:approx. 1.00 g/cm³;
Average coverage:ca. 0.05-0.20 l/m² (depending on the intensity of algae and fungi present);
Temperature of application (air and substrate):from +5°C to +25°C;
Relative humidity:≤75%;
Packaging:Single-use plastic packaging of 1 and 5 l;
Storage:The product should be stored in its sealed packaging at a temperature of +5°C to +25°C. The product must be kept out of the reach of children. Opened packaging should be tightly closed and used as quickly as possible;
Shelf life:Originally sealed products have a 12-month shelf life from the date of production (this is printed on the side of the packaging).

• Efficiently removes most algae, fungi and lichens
• Odourless and colourless
• Safe to use
• Easy application

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: If intensive growth of algae and/or fungi occurs on the facade, the substrate should be cleaned mechanically (e.g. with a coarse bristle brush) and then the whole surface should be washed with a power washer. Substrate inside a building should be cleaned mechanically without flushing with water.

PRODUCT PREPARATION: The packaging contains a ready-to-use product. Before use, it is necessary to familiarise with the information provided on the product label.

APPLICATION: The product to be applied on the substrate by using a paint brush, brush or by means of spraying (using a garden sprayer), trying to evenly and thoroughly cover the surfaces planned for renovation. Wait from 6 to 12 hours after the application of the product. Then, using water under pressure thoroughly wash the whole surface. In the case of strong contamination, the disinfecting procedure should be repeated.

DRYING: Typical curing time of one layer — ca. 12 h (20°C, 65% RH). After this period of time, it is possible to start further renovation work. Note: Drying time may be longer due to low temperatures and high relative humidity.

USEFUL HINTS: If intensive growth of algae and fungi is observed, it is necessary to perform technical assessment of the building in order to determine the scope of work which is necessary for the efficient removal of microbiological
contamination. The product has irritating properties and is harmful to both human health and the environment. It is necessary to wear protective clothing (safety goggles, rubber gloves, respiratory mask) while carrying out the work. Do not distribute the agent in the surroundings of plants, bushes. Do not dispose of to water reservoirs. Active substances are biologically decomposed below the threshold of harmfulness for microorganisms. Do not dispose of to sewerage, soil and surface waters.