Product which accelerates the setting of paints and renders

KABE SPRINT product is an easy-to-use additive which accelerates the process of setting and drying of acrylic, silicate-silicone, polysilicate and silicone renders as well as facade acrylic, polysilicate and silicone paints manufactured by KABE company. It is especially recommended for application while carrying out facade work at low temperatures (from +1°C to +10°C) and at increased humidity (up to ca. 80%). The action of the product involves quick water evaporation from the material applied and essential reduction of the first stage of dispersion products setting process. Thanks to this, the second stage, involving binder setting and drying may be started much earlier and the material applied sooner (i.e. after around 6-8 hours) achieves resistance to sudden cooling down or precipitation. The speed of the product action depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. The product is applied into the render/paint packaging directly
before using it on the facade. The use of the product does not lead to the reduction of resistance or deterioration in render or paint coating performance. KABE SPRINT is not classified as a construction product.

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Form:colourless liquid with an odour of ether;
Density:ca. 0.88 g/cm³;
Mixing proportions:maximum 1% of the render or paint weight | • per 25 kg of render packaging 250 ml (the whole bottle) of the product | • per 10 litre paint packaging 150 ml (3/5 of the bottle content) of the product
Temperature of application (air and substrate):from +1°C to +10°C;
Relative humidity:≤80%;
Packaging:Single-use plastic packaging of 0.25 l;
Storage:The product should be stored and transported in a tightly closed, original packaging in dry conditions at a temperature from +5°C to +25°C. Protect from overheating
Shelf life:Unopened products have a 24-month shelf life from the date of production (this is printed on the side of the packaging).

• Accelerates the process of setting of paints and renders
• Allows for rendering and painting at a temperature > 0°C
• Allows for rendering and painting at increased air humidity (up to ca. 80%)
• Accelerates water evaporation
• Easy application
• Does not change the performance of renders and paints
• Does not change the colour of mortar/finish coating

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: The substrate cannot be frozen and must meet the requirements concerning proper preparation of the substrate for thin coat renders or facade paints.

PRODUCT PREPARATION: KABE SPRINT product is provided in the ready-to-use form. The product should be added to the render or paint directly before use. It is recommended to observe the proportions: 250 ml of the product (the
whole bottle) for a 25 kg render packaging, 150 ml (3/5 of a bottle) for a 10 l paint packaging. After mixing thoroughly by hand or mechanically, you can start applying the material.

USEFUL HINTS: The recommended temperature for carrying out work ranges from +1°C to +10°C, while air relative humidity should be below 80%. The freshly applied material becomes resistant to precipitation after around 6-8 hours,
depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. All tools to be cleaned with water after finishing work. If used in the interiors, it is necessary to provide a good ventilation of rooms. Irritates eyes and skin. Protect from children. Avoid eyes contamination. In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse them thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical assistance. Wear applicable safety clothes, suitable safety gloves and goggles or face protection. If swallowed, seek immediate medical assistance — show packaging or label. Proceed in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheet. Note: Freezing cannot be present directly after application — application and the first stage of setting process need to take place at temperatures above zero! At an air relative humidity exceeding 80%, product application can result in a complete inhibition of render and paint setting process.

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