Water-dilutable acrylic varnish

Transparent varnish for protection, renovation and improvement of the appearance of thin-coat renders and structural paint coatings, used both outside and inside buildings. It is also possible to use varnish in a version tinted to match the colour of the render to refresh the colour. Note: Tinted varnish, after applying several layers, partially changes (uniforms) the colour of the render.

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Base binder:acrylic binder;
The content of volatile organic compounds VOC:cat. A/e. The product contains less than 130 g / l VOC;
Density:approx. 1.0 g/cm3;
Gloss level:semi-matt;
Colour:it is possible to tint the varnish to match a specifi c mosaic render colour by using organic and inorganic coloured pigments.
Consumption:approx. 0.11 l/m2 with one layer;
Temperature of application (air and substrate):from +5°C to +20°C;
Relative air humidity:≤75%;
Packaging;Disposable plastic packaging containing 5 litres of product.
Storage:Product should be stored in original sealed packaging, in a cool room, but protected from frost. Opened packaging should be tightly closed and used as quickly as possible.
Shelf life:24 months from the date of production printed on the packaging, with originally sealed packaging.

• Restores shine and the transparency of mosaic renders
• Protects against the effects of adverse weather conditions and reduces the “writing” effect (finish) on dark renders
• Protects the paint coating from damage and dirt and also makes it easy to keep clean
• For indoor and outdoor use
• Easy and safe to apply
• Contains UV absorbers

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: Substrate should be sound/stable, degreased, even, and free of biological contamination and chemical effl orescence. In case of algae and fungi growth, the substrate should be cleaned mechanically and then washed with water and disinfected with ALGIZID. Any loose layers, not bound to the substrate (e.g., dust, dirt), should be removed. Old substrate should be washed with dispersed water jet with CLEANFORCE cleaning agent. Note: Before
applying the varnish, mosaic render should be moistened with water.
APPLICATION: The packaging contains a ready-to-use product. The coloured product should be gently mixed directly before use. Varnish should be applied on the substrate in a few even and thin layers with a paint roller in favourable weather conditions. It is not possible to apply varnish on directly sunlit or heated surfaces. Another layer should be applied after the fi rst one dries.
DRYING: Drying time of one varnish layer applied on the substrate is approx. 3 hours at +20°C, 55% RH. Drying time may be longer due to low temperatures and high relative humidity.
USEFUL HINTS: To avoid colour differences, a single batch of product should be applied to the entire surface of a separate architectural element in one work cycle, in a thin, uniform coating, using the “wet on wet” method. Note: Because of the lazure nature of the product, it is necessary to avoid applying a coating at diff erent thicknesses. Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after work is fi nished. To be applied and dried on dry days with temperatures (air and substrate) between +5°C and +20°C, relative humidity below 75%. In order to protect the undried layer against severe weather conditions, it is recommended to use appropriate protective meshes.