External wall insulation (EWI) system with external ceramic, clinker or stone cladding

The KABE THERM CK EWI system is a set of materials designed to provide thermal insulation of external walls based on EPS with ceramic, clinker or stone cladding. It is applied in single- and multi-family housing construction industry, public utility and industrial buildings – in both the existing and new constructions – to the height of up to 25 m (for the buildings erected before 1 April 1995 to the height of eleventh story, inclusive). It is especially recommended for use in buildings, where high aesthetics and high resistance to external factors are required. The system can be used on walls made of fi ne masonry components (bricks, blocks, stone, etc.) or concrete (monolithic or prefabricated).

• Reduction of building heating costs
• Improved microclimate inside the building
• Attractive decorative eff ects and high aesthetics of the façade
• Wall protection against adverse weather conditions
• Option to use various types of cladding

Type of thermal insulation:EPS boards with the following code: EPS-EN 13163-T(2)-L(2)-W(2)-S(5)-P(5)-BS150-DS(N)2-DS(70,-)2-TR100
Thickness of thermal insulation:from 2 to 30 cm inclusively;
Thermal insulation fixing:bonding system with additional mechanical fi xing or mechanical fixing with additional bonding;
Mechanical fixings:as per technical design;
Reinforcing mesh:system reinforcing fibreglass mesh;
Fire classification:non-fire spreading system (NRO);
Adhesion:• to concrete ≥ 0.25 MPa; • to EPS ≥ 0.08 MPa;
Surface layer adhesion:≥ 0.08 MPa;
Water absorption (after 24 hours):<0.5 kg/m²;
Surface layer impact resistance:cat. I
Diff usion resistance of the surface layer:≤ 5.7m;
Behaviour under dead weight:• Max. load that does not cause destruction 260 N • Max. defl ection 8.4 mm