EWI (External Wall Insulation) system with silicone, polysilicate, silicate-silicone, mosaic and mineral external coat render including the wood/board effect (with optional paint coating)

KABE THERM MW EWI system is used mainly on buildings that require high vapour permeability, fire protection and protection against the impact of aggressive atmospheric conditions. The system is used in single- and multi-family housing construction industry, public utility and industrial buildings, on new and existing (retrofit) building walls, including the facades of low and high buildings (over 25 m). The system can be made by using facade mineral wool boards (with disturbed fibre arrangement), lamella wool (with arranged fibres) and dual-density mineral wool boards. The KABE THERM MW system can be applied on walls made of masonry elements (such as e.g.: bricks, blocks, stone etc.) or from concrete (poured on site or in the form of prefabricated panels). The system can be used on new walls as well as for renovation of the existing ones. It is also possible to use it on horizontal or inclined surfaces that are not exposed to precipitation. The system is especially recommended on buildings with walls made of materials of porous texture (such as e.g.: cellular concrete, breeze blocks, porous bricks). Because of its super soundproofing properties, it is also suitable for the thermal insulation of buildings located in the zones exposed to high levels of noise. The external layer of KABE THERM MW system can be made of: ARMASIL T and SILCO T AVANT silicone top coat, NOVALIT T polysilicate top coat, SISI AVANT silicate-silicone top coat or MINERALIT T mineral top coat mosaic render MOZAIKER AKORD and MOZAIKER DECOR, available in a wide range of textures, colours and grain sizes. After wetting the silicone ARMASIL T
render, the effect of water molecules ‘being repelled’ by silicone resin is observed on its surface. It means that water absorption is greatly reduced and the facade is protected against dirt/dust due to its self-cleaning properties. Additionally, it is possible to make an optional paint coating with ARMASIL F or SILCO F silicone paint, NOVALIT F polysilicate paint and CALSILIT F silicate paint.

• Non-flammable system components
• Reduction of heating costs
• Interior micro-climate improvement
• High aesthetics of facade
• Free release of moisture
• Prevention from water vapour condensation inside the system
• Slowing down the process of the facade soiling
• Ample opportunities to shape external top coat
• Super soundproofing properties

Type of thermal insulationFacade, lamella or dual-density mineral wool boards with codes acc. to ETA 16/0079;
Thickness of thermal insulation:from 80 mm to 250 mm for facade and dual-density mineral wool and from 50 mm to 250 mm for lamella wool
Thermal insulation fixingbonding or bonding and mechanical fixing;
Use of mechanical fixingsrequired (as specified in technical design); Reinforcing mesh: reinforcing fibreglass mesh
Reaction to fireclass A1 – mineral render system (MINERALIT T, MINERALIT T AKORD, MINERALIT T+ KOMBI FINISZ) optionally coated with NOVALIT F paints, remaining systems class – A2-s1, d0, system with mosaic render, class B-s1, d0.
Colours of mineral renderswhite or base (intended for painting);
Silicone and polysilicate render coloursnatural white, colours from the KABE and NCS colour charts or according to samples provided (can be obtained by adding non-organic pigments); Textures: solid/grained texture, scraped/mixed (ARMASIL T, SILCO T AVANT, SISI AVANT, MOZAIKER AKORD, MOZAIKER DECOR render, only solid/grained texture);
Grain size1.5 mm; 2.0 mm; 2.5 mm; 3.0 mm (spray applied renders ARMASIL T AKORD, NOVALIT T AKORD and MINERALIT T AKORD – only with a thickness of 1.5 mm, SILCO T AVANT silicon render, SISI AVANT silicate-silicone render grain size 1.5 and 2.0 mm and MINERALIT T mineral render excluding 2.5 mm thickness) MOZAIKER AKORD and MOZAIKER DECOR mosaic render with grain size 0.8 mm
Surface absorption coefficient of external layer< 0.5 kg/m2;
Relative diffusion resistance of external layer:≤ 1.0 m;
System impact resistancecat. II or cat. III (depending on the type of mineral wool and coat render)