KABE THERM SG system is intended for providing ceiling insulations from the bottom side in closed and open garages with heated rooms located above them. It works perfectly on surfaces not exposed directly to weather factors or mechanical damage in housing, public utility and industrial construction both in existing and newly constructed buildings. KABE THERM SG insulation system is used mainly for the thermal insulation of ceilings requiring a high level of fire protection. Non-flammable boards made of lamella wool make up the thermal insulation material in the system. The system is intended for use on any type mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, cement render, cement-lime render and ceilings made of breeze blocks and other type of ceramic or concrete materials), at least of class A2-s3,d0 acc. to PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010. The external system layer is applied by spraying MINERALIT T AKORD mineral top coat optionally coated with NOVALIT F polysilicate paint) or NOVALIT F polysilicate paint coating available in a wide palette of colours.

• Non-flammable system components
• Reduction of heating costs
• Interior micro-climate improvement
• High aesthetics of ceiling surface
• Free release of moisture
• Prevention from water vapour condensation inside the system
• Mineral character of the top coat
• Superb soundproofing properties

Type of thermal insulation:bevelled lamella mineral wool boards (factory primed or unprimed);
Thickness of thermal insulation:according to technical design;
Thermal insulation fixing:whole surface gluing;
Use of mechanical fixings:optional (as specified in technical design);
Render colour:white;
Grain size:1.0 mm, 1.5 mm;
Paint colours:white and colours from the KABE colour chart and selected NCS colours or according to samples provided (can be obtained by adding non-organic pigments);
Adhesion:• to concrete ≥ 0.25 MPa; • to mineral wool ≥ 0.08 MPa;
Adhesion of the top coat to mineral wool:≥ 0.08 MPa;
Vapour permeability of the mineral top coat:≤ 0.60 m;
Reaction to fire:class A1;