Mineral dry mortar is used for manual application of thin finishing coats outside buildings including top coats in KABE THERM SM and KABE THERM SM RENO, KABE THERM AVANT* EWI systems based on EPS and KABE THERM MW* EWI system based on mineral wool. Especially recommended for finishing systems of external walls made of materials with a porous structure (such as: cellular concrete, slag concrete, porous brick) and on the walls of new buildings that are not yet fully seasoned. Intended for mineral substrates (e.g.: concrete, cement render and cement-lime render). The substrate should be primed with MINERALIT GT prior to the application of the dry mortar.

*) If a product of EWI system is used, the manufacturer provides a guarantee only when the whole KABE THERM SM and KABE THERM SM RENO, KABE THERM AVANT or KABE THERM MW system is implemented.

**only for solid/grained texture.

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Base binder:mixture of hydraulic binders and polymers with the addition of modifiers, reinforced with cellulose microfibers;
Colours:white or base (intended for painting);
Grain size:1.5 mm; 2.0 mm; 3.0 mm;
Temperature of application (air and substrate):from +5°C to +25°C;
Mixing ratio:ca. 5 l of water per 25 kg of mortar;
Packaging:Bags: 25 kg. Pallet: 1200 kg (48 bags);
Storage:The product should be stored in its original sealed packaging, in a dry frost-protected room. Note: The product must be kept out of the reach of children.
Compressive Strength:cat. CS IV;
Adhesion to the substrate:1.6 N/mm2;
Water absorption due to capillary rise:cat. W2;
Gross bulk dry density:about 1500 kg/m3;
Water vapour permeability coefficient:μ ≤ 34.9;
Reaction to fire:cat. А1;
Shelf life:Originally sealed products have a 12-month shelf life from the date of production (this is printed on the side of the packaging).

• Non-flammable top coat
• Aesthetic and decorative texture
• Mineral character
• High vapour permeability
• Natural resistance to algae and fungal growth
• Contains microfibres

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: Apply to a sound/stable and clean substrate (without cracks and delaminations), degreased, even and dry, and biological or chemical efflorescence free. In case of algae/fungi growth, the substrate should be cleaned mechanically and then wash with water and disinfect with ALGIZID. Any loose layers not bound to the substrate (i.e. loose renders or flaked coatings) should be removed. Old and/or dirty substrates should be washed off and degreased with water and CLEANFORCE cleaning agent. For uneven substrates, first use levelling compound and then level out the surface with finish levelling and smoothing compound. Small unevenness can be levelled out at once with finish levelling and smoothing compound. Use the above products according to their technical data sheets. Absorbent substrates should be primed before levelling compound is being applied. If the render is applied on new mineral substrates (i.e. concrete, cement render, cement-lime render) – a min. 2-week curing period is required. Prior to using dry mortar in KABE THERM SM and KABE THERM SM RENO, KABE THERM AVANT or KABE THERM WMW EWI systems, all coats of EWI systems should be applied in accordance with the requirements for external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). Mineral dry mortar can be applied onto the primed surface only when reinforcing coat is completely dry, i.e. after 3÷4 days under normal conditions.Note: Directly before applying the mortar, all elements should be covered with foil to protect against dirt.
PRIMING: The substrate should be primed with MINERALI GT before applying the mortar. The period of primer binding, used on the substrate, in optimal weather conditions (temperature + 20 ° C and relative humidity of 55%), is about 24 hours. After complete drying of the primer, used on the substrate, it is possible to apply the mortar.
PRODUCT PREPARATION: Pour the contents of the packaging into a container with a measured amount of clean cool water (5 l per 25 kg of mortar) and thoroughly mix with a drilling machine/a low-speed mixer fitted with a basket stirrer until homogeneous mixture is obtained. Then, leave the mortar for ca. 5 minutes. Before application, the product should be thoroughly mixed.
APPLICATION METHOD: Apply a thin, uniform layer of prepared mortar onto the substrate at a grain thickness. Use a stainless steel trowel. To create texture, rub the surface with a plastic trowel with circular motions (solid/grained texture) or longitudinal motions in vertical or horizontal directions (scraped texture). Note: The product is alkaline, therefore, it is necessary to protect eyes and skin. Safety clothing (PPE) must be worn while carrying out any installation work. In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse them thoroughly with plenty of water. If irritation develops, seek medical assistance.
DRYING: Typical setting time (20°C, 65% RH) is min. 7 days. After the period of time, the top coat made is suitable for painting with NOVALIT F polysilicate paint, ARMASIL F silicone paint, CALSILIT F silicate paint (provided that the
aforementioned drying conditions are met and using a recommended paint primer). Note: Drying time may be longer, even up to a few days due to low temperatures and high relative humidity. To assist the drying of the finish coat, the surface should be protected against precipitation and condensation. Its full impact resistance the top coat obtains only after ca. 28 days.
USEFUL HINTS: To avoid colour differences, a single batch product should be applied to entire facade or element. ‘Wet on wet’ method should be used. The process of application and binding of render requires dry days and temperatures between +5°C to +25°C. Avoid working on surfaces directly exposed to sunlight and strong winds. To protect the fresh top coat against inclement weather conditions, scaffolding should be covered with protective nettings and tarpaulins. All tools should be cleaned with water after work is completed.