Standard paints produced by KABE:

  • wide range of “NT” products – low temperature
  • wide range of GU polyesters (degassing properties)
  • wide range of matte paints for interior use
  • 160 shades of facade polyesters in satin
  • 160 shades of facade polyesters in a silky mat

In addition, many other products such as thin-coating powder paints, pearlescent metallic products, and many types of structures and special effects.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the recommendations and technical instructions for individual products specially developed for you:

  • Structural powder coatings POLYFLEX
  • UDS- ultra-thin-layer powder paints POLYFLEX
  • POLYFLEX powder paints with a metallic effect
  • R2163 degassing agents (article 11923)
  • Labels-markings
  • Cleaning of powder coated objects
  • Painting aluminum wheels with powder paint
  • Application of varnish over powder paint and varnishing with 2K-PUR liquid varnishes
  • The resistance of powder-coated surfaces
  • Cleaning agents and preparations for removing graffiti

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Poznaj różnorodność farb proszkowych

Farby proszkowe w głębokim macie

Farby proszkowe nabierają prędkości