Polyester powder coating for facades

Powder paint for outdoor use based on polyester resin with excellent resistance to UV and weather conditions. It is characterized by great flow and very high hiding power. Resistant to burn-through and discoloration in direct gas-fired furnaces. The product has QUALICOAT (class I) and / or GSB (Standard) certificates, thanks to which it is perfect for painting metal facade structures, aluminum profiles, elements protecting against sunlight, windows, doors, gates, frames and wherever perfect protection and protection is required. long guarantee of maintaining the aesthetic coating. The following are available on stock: Art. 11718 POLYFLEX ® PES-135, smooth Satin 75 – Art. 11993 POLYFLEX® PES-135, smooth Unit. Matt 35 – Art. 12544 POLYFLEX ® PES-135 Pearl-metallic smooth Satin 75 – Art. 12545 POLYFLEX ® PES-135 Pearl-metallic smooth Unit. Matt 35 – Art. 12827 POLYFLEX ® PES-135 medium-fine structure Unit. Matt – Art. 12829 POLYFLEX ® PES-135 Pearl-metallic medium-fine structure Unit. Mat

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