Cement adhesives for laying ceramic, gres, clinker and stone tiles, both on horizontal (terracotta) and vertical (glaze) surfaces, on surfaces inside and outside buildings.

The KABE offer includes 3 flexible deformable adhesives with reduced runoff (C2S1T class), differing in purpose, properties and colour. KOMBI FLEX adhesive is especially recommended for laying tiles on substrates with underfloor heating and on deformable substrates (OSB boards and chipboards). KOMBI GRES adhesive is dedicated for laying gres and ceramic tiles with low water absorption (including large-format ones). KOMBI K white adhesive is especially recommended for laying stone and clinker tiles (including hand-formed ones). This adhesive is also a component of the KABE THERM CK EWI system with ceramic, clinker and stone tiles. In addition to flexible adhesives, our offer also includes KOMBI PLUS universal tile adhesive used only inside buildings.

The offer of products for bonding tiles is complemented by 2 façade grout joints, which are also a component of the KABE THERM CK system. KOMBI KS1 joint is mainly used for filling wide and deep joints in clinker brick cladding or stone tiles using the stuffing method. On the other hand, the KOMBI KS2 grout joint is recommended for filling shallow joints between clinker and ceramic tiles using the mud method.