Flexible, deformable adhesive for tiles of C2 S1 T type

Adhesive intended for installing gres and ceramic tiles (also large-format ones) of low absorptivity. Suitable for deformable substrates (OSB and chipoboards) and non-deformable such as concrete, screed and cement render, cement-lime render and drywalls which makes it a product of wide range of applications. It may be applied inside and outside buildings, on vertical and horizontal surfaces, also with underfloor heating. Due to its working parameters, tiling can be made from the top. Thanks to its working parameters, it allows the tiles to be glued from above, which makes the adhesive a convenient and easy-to-use product.

Product form: dry mineral mixture, modified with synthetic polymers;
Mixing ratio: 6.0–6.5 l of water per 25 kg of mixture;
Ready-to-work time: 3 hours;
Open time: 20 minutes;
Correction time: 10 minutes;
Dry density: 1.40 kg/m3;
Substrate and ambient temperature: from +5ºC to +25ºC;
Full load and pointing: after 48 hours;
Min. and max. layer thickness: from 2 to 10 mm;
Reaction to fire: class A1;
Deformability: class S1 ≥ 2.5 and S1 < 5 mm;
Runoff: ≤ 0.5 mm;

• To be applied indoors and outdoors
• For gres and ceramic tiles of low absorptivity
• Very high working properties
• High resistance to tension
• Contains microfibres

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: The substrate should be even, uniform and dry, free from contamination reducing the adhesion, i.e. dust, lime, oil, grease, remnants of old paint and varnish coatings and free from the influence of aggressive
chemical and biological agents. In order to assure an applicable adhesion, before the adhesive application, the surface should be always primed with BUDOGRUNT ZG (outside) or BUDOGRUNT WG (inside). In the case of bonding tiles
to deformable surfaces and ceramic tiles, it is recommended to use the bonding bridge BUDOGRUNT SC. In the event of moulded surfaces, the efflorescences should be removed with a brush, trowel or high pressure washer and then
disinfected with ALGIZID before adhesive application. Adhesive may be applied only on previously seasoned substrates:

• cement renders and cement-lime renders: after min. 28 days,
• cement screeds: after min. 28 days,
• concrete: after more than 3 months,

Substrate moisture: ≤ 4%.

PRODUCT PREPARATION: Pour ca. 6.0–6.5 litres of water per 25 kg of dry mass into a receptacle, pour the bag content while mixing it. Mix using a low-speed mixer until homogeneous consistency has been achieved. Leave for about 5
minutes. Remix before use checking the consistency. It is possible to adjust consistency by adding water or adhesive and remixing. The adhesive prepared in such a way can be applied for up to 3 hours. It is recommended to mix the
adhesive periodically during work, but it is strictly forbidden to add more water!

TILING: Start from applying a layer of the adhesive with a flat side of the trowel on the substrate and then take the excess off it with the toothed part. Tooth sizes to be selected depending on the tile sizes. The amount of adhesive applied on tiles should be selected in such a way that the contact surface with adhesive after pressing covered a minimum 70% of the surface. In the case of tiling outdoors, the adherence surface should be undivided. Depending on temperature and relative humidity, the grouting can be applied after the time not shorter than 48 hours from the moment of tiling. Unused, hardening adhesive is not suitable for reuse after adding water and should be removed as construction waste.

REFERENCE USAGE OF ADHESIVE: 1.4 kg/1m2/1 mm, with the layer thickness of 2–10 mm
USEFUL HINTS: Tiling should be performed at a temperature from +5ºC to + 25ºC.
STORAGE: The product should be stored in its original sealed packaging in dry rooms, on palettes, at a temperature ranging from +5ºC to +25ºC. Shelf life is 12 months.
• Bags 25 kg
• Palette 1,200 kg in bags of 25 kg (48 pieces).
Note: Information given on the product packaging is based on our knowledge, laboratory tests and previous applications. Specific applications to be subject to thorough verification. Information and recommendations given on the packaging do not replace the professional and reliable preparation of the designer and contractor. There may be justified differences depending on the way of carrying out the work, type of tiles,substrate and atmospheric conditions. If you have any further questions, please contact our technical advisors.