White, mineral adhesive for stone, clinker and ceramic tiles of C2 S1 T type

Flexible, deformable, white adhesive designed for bonding ceramic, clinker and stone tiles. Especially recommended for laying natural stone tiles and cladding and for light ceramic cladding. It is also a component of the thermal insulation system with Kabe Therm CK cladding. Thanks to the use of white cement, it does not discolour the cladding. When used out the thermal insulation system, it can be used both on deformable substrates (OSB boards, chipboards) and nondeformable substrates such as: concrete, screed, cement, cement-lime render and gypsum boards. It can be used inside and outside buildings on vertical and horizontal surfaces, also with underfloor heating.

Composition: dry mixture of white cement binder, aggregates and polymer modifying additives, reinforced with cellulose and polypropylene fibers;
Colour: natural white;
Grain thickness: up to 0.5 mm;
Application temperature (air and substrate): from +5°C to+25°C;
Mixing ratio: ca.6.0 l of water for 25 kg of dry mixture;
Shelf life after mixing with water: approx. 3 hours;
Open time: 20 minutes;
Correction time: 10 minutes;
Min. and max. layer thickness: from 2 to 10 mm;
Full load and grouting: after 48 hours.

• Contains white cement that does not discolour the used cladding
• For indoor and outdoor use
• Reduced runoff
• Reinforced with microfibers
• Contains polypropylene fibers

Substrate preparation: The substrate should be even, uniform and dry, free from contamination reducing the adhesion, i.e. dust, lime, oil, grease, remnants
of old paint and varnish coatings and free from the influence of aggressive chemical and biological agents. In order to assure an applicable adhesion, before the adhesive application, the surface should be always primed with
BUDOGRUNT ZG (outside) or BUDOGRUNT WG (inside). In the event of moulded surfaces, the efflorescences should be removed with a brush, trowel or high pressure washer and then disinfected with ALGIZID before adhesive
application. In the case of bonding tiles to deformable surfaces and ceramic tiles, it is recommended to use the bonding bridge BUDOGRUNT SC. Adhesive may be applied only on previously seasoned substrates:
• cement renders and cement-lime renders: after min. 28 days,
• cement screeds: after min. 28 days,
• concrete: after min. 28 days;

Substrate moisture: ≤ 4%. When laying tiles on surfaces that are exposed to water, use KOMBI HYDRO STOP – a base coat with waterproofing properties. Fixing the cladding in the KABE THERM CK EWI system should start after
min. 48 hours from the execution of the reinforcing coat. In order to eliminate the possibility of leaving voids under the tiles, it is recommended to apply the adhesive to the substrate – with a notched trowel, and with the smooth side
of the trowel on the bottom surface of the tile. This method ensures that the tiles are fully filled with the adhesive after they are pressed.

Grouting: Grouting should commence after the adhesive is completely dry, 48 hours after fixing the tiles. The cladding glued to the substrate should be protected against rainfall and moisture condensation for at least 3 days.

Adhesive preparation: Gradually pour the contents of the bag into a container with a measured amount of clean, cold water and mix thoroughly (with a slow-running mixer / drill with a mixer) until a homogeneous mass, free from
lumps, is obtained. After mixing, allow the adhesive to mature for approx. 5 minutes, then mix it again briefly. Depending on the temperature and air humidity, the ready mass is usable for approx. 3 hours.

Tilling: Start from applying a layer of the adhesive with a flat side of the trowel on the substrate and then take the excess of it with the toothed part. Tooth sizes to be selected depending on the tile sizes. The amount of adhesive applied on tiles should be selected in such a way that the contact surface with adhesive after pressing covered a minimum 70% of the surface. In the case of tiling outdoors, the adherence surface should be undivided. Depending on temperature and relative humidity, the grouting can be applied after the time not shorter than 48 hours from the moment of tiling. Unused, hardening adhesive is not suitable for adding water to it and it should be removed as construction waste. Approximate performance: ca.1.4 kg/1m2/1 mm. The unevenness of the substrate increases the consumption of the adhesive.

Useful hints: Do not wet the tiles before sticking. Tiles should be installed at the temperature from +5°C to + 25°C.
Storage: The product should be stored in its original sealed packaging in dry rooms, on palettes, at a temperature ranging from +5°C to +25°C. Protect against moisture. Shelf life is 12 months.
Packaging: Bags: 25 kg, Palette: 1 200 kg in bags of 25 kg (48 pieces).
Health and safety tips: The product contains cement, when mixed with water it gives an alkaline reaction. Information on hazards and conditions of safe use is provided in the safety data sheet and on the packaging.