The product range of Farby KABE includes a wide range of high-quality paints for painting building interiors. Their use allows to emphasize the individual character of each room and freely shape the architectural image of the interior. The use of Farby KABE paints makes it possible to create an aesthetic and durable paint coating in a wide range of colours (according to the KABE, NCS colour charts or the a sample provided ). Thanks to this, we can harmoniously match the colours of our surroundings to our own imagination. Preparation and tinting of painting products is carried out at the individual request of the customer by Farby KABE Distributors.

A large variety of paints combined with their unique physico-chemical parameters allow for optimal selection of the product for a given application. Farby KABE products allow to create a durable, well-covering coating with high covering power, resistance to scrubbing, dirt and exceptional vapor permeability. Products from this group can also be additionally reinforced with microfibers in the case of renovation of cracked substrates or optionally protected against fungal growth. The best showcase of Farby KABE paints is their wide use in the renovation of many historic buildings. All these features, together with an innovative approach to customer needs, make KABE paints a product that can permanently appear in every home.


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