It is used to machine (spraying) application of structural paint coatings inside buildings in residential and public buildings. Makes a durable coating with attractive spatial appearance, high impact resistance and texture imitating the look of a spraying wallpaper or “dots”.

Intended both on mineral substrates (such as concrete, cement and cement-lime plasters) as well as for substrates covered with a well-bonded paint coating based on plastics. Before applying the structural paint, the substrate requires repainting with AQUATEX or PERFEKTA paint.

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Base binder: copolymer binder;
Cat A / a. The permissible value of the maximum VOC content is 30 g / l:The product contains less than 30 g / l VOC;
Pigments: organic and non-organic coloured pigments;
Colours: natural white and colours from the KABE colour chart and selected NCS colours or according to samples provided;
Diluent: water;
Temperature of application (air and substrate): from +5°C to +25°C;
Relative humidity:<75%;
Average coverage: ca. 0.3 - 0.6 l/m² (depending on the thickness and number of layers applied);
Packaging: Single-use plastic packaging of 10 l;
Storage: The product should be stored in its sealed packaging in a cool, but frost-protected room. The packaging must be sealed tightly and used as soon as possible;
Shelf life: 12 months from the production date specified on the packaging of the product with originally closed packaging.

• Decorative and multicoloured effect of 3D spatial structure
• High impact resistance
• Wide range of colours
• Fast and easy application by spraying method
• It masks slight unevenness of the substrate
• Possibility of additional protection with transparent varnish

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: Apply to a sound/stable and clean substrate (without cracks and delaminations), degreased, dry, and free of biological contamination or chemical efflorescence. In the case of fungal growth, the substrate should be mechanically cleaned and then disinfect with an indoor fungicide. Old mineral substrates should be washed away with a dispersed stream of water. Any loose layers not bound to the substrate (i.e. loose render or flaked coatings) should be removed. For uneven substrates (from 5 to 15 mm), first level with the levelling compound, and then level the surface with PROFINISZ ready-to-use finishing compound. Small unevenness (up to 5 mm) can be levelled out at once with PROFINISZ ready-to-use finishing compound. Absorbent substrates should be primed with BUDOGRUNT WG before levelling compounds application. In the case of applying structural paint on newly made mineral substrates (such as: concrete, cement and cement plasters), min.4 week seasoning period, while the gypsum plasters after 2 weeks, and so-called “drywall construction” immediately after grinding and dust removal.

UNDERCOAT LAYER PREPARATION: Before applying the structural paint, the substrate should be painted with AQUATEX or PERFEKTA. In the case of very absorbent substrates such as gypsum plasters, prior to applying PERFEKTA paint, the AQUALIT primer should be used before. The seasoning period of the paint used on the substrate is ca. 14 hours. It is recommended to make the undercoating layer in a colour other than the colour of the structural paint.

PAINT PREPARATION: The packaging contains a ready-to-use product. If stored for a long time and before application, the product should be thoroughly mixed with a low-speed mixer fitted with a basket stirrer until a smooth, homogenous consistency is obtained. Further mixing is not recommended as it may result in excessive aeration of the product. If required, add a small amount of clean water (max. 0.1l per 10 l of the product). Quantity of added water may vary depending on the substrate type, drying conditions and application method.

APPLICATION: By using a spraying machine at a working pressure of 3-4 atmospheres and a nozzle diameter of 2 – 6 mm, depending on the decorative effect. While spraying, the gun should be held perpendicularly to the substrate at
a distance of 0.4-0.6 m.

DRYING: Typical drying time for structural paint is ca. 6 h (with temperature +20°C, 55% RH). Complete drying after approx. 48 hours. Surfaces exposed to wiping and mechanical damage, and requiring resistance to washing and scrubbing, e.g. dado in the corridor and stairwells, should be additionally protected with the MARCHRON varnish. Note: Drying time may be longer due to low temperatures and high relative humidity. After painting, closed rooms should be aired until the specific smell disappears. The coating obtains its full mechanical and functional properties after 4 weeks.

USEFUL HINTS: The final effect of the coating may be affected by the type of substrate. Therefore, if a non-homogeneous substrate is present, it is recommended to pre-level the whole surface with PROFINISZ ready-to-use finishing
compound. To avoid colour differences it is necessary to make a surface that constitutes a separate architectural whole in one work cycle with material from the same production batch by the “wet on wet” method. After the work finished the tools should be washed with water. Avoid working in draught and high humidity.