An internal wall insulation system with mineral outer render (with optional painting coat)

The KABE THERM IN MW thermal insulation system is used primarily in buildings requiring high fire protection and vapour permeability, as well as protection against mechanical damage. It is used in single- and multi-family housing, public utility and industrial buildings, in newly erected and already existing buildings. The system can be made by using plain, façade mineral wool boards (with disturbed fibre arrangement), lamella wool (with arranged fibres) and dual-density mineral wool boards. The KABE THERM IN MW system can be used on walls made of masonry components (bricks, blocks, stone, etc.) or concrete (poured on site or in the form of prefabricated elements). It is especially recommended for use on buildings with walls made of materials with a porous structure (such as aerated concrete, slag concrete, porous brick). The outer layer of the KABE THERM IN MW system can be provided by the MINERALIT T mineral render, available in a wide range of textures and grain sizes. The top layer can be painted with ARMASIL F silicone paints, NOVALIT F polysilicate paints or CALSILIT F silicate paints.

• Non-flammable system components
• Reduction of building heating costs
• Improved microclimate inside the building
• High aesthetics of top coat
• Free release of moisture
• Prevents water vapour condensation inside the system
• Slows down the process of soiling

Type of thermal insulation: Plain, lamella or dual-density mineral wool boards with codes acc. to ETA 16/0079;
Thickness of thermal insulation: from 80 mm to 250 mm for dual-density mineral wool and from 50 mm to 250 mm for plain and lamella mineral wool boards;
Thermal insulation fixing:bonding system (adhesive);
Reinforcing mesh: reinforcing fibreglass mesh;
Reaction to fire: class A1 – system with mineral plasters (MINERALIT T, MINERALIT T AKORD), optionally coated with NOVALIT F paint, remaining system class – A2-s1,d0
Colours for mineral renders: white or base (intended for painting);
Silicone, polysilicate and silicate paint colours:natural white, colours from the KABE and NCS colour charts or according to samples provided (possible to obtain using inorganic pigments);
Textures: solid, scraped/mixed;
Grain size: 1.5 mm; 2.0 mm; 3.0 mm (spray applied renders MINERALIT T AKORD – only grain size 1.5 mm),
Relative diffusion resistance of external layer: ≤ 0.3 m;
System impact resistance: cat. II or cat. III (depending on the type of mineral wool and coat render)
Adhesive adhesion to the substrate: ≥0.25 MPa;
Surface layer adhesion to mineral wool boards:≥0.08 MPa;