The position of windows in relation to the cardinal directions is an important issue when choosing paint for painting walls in an arrangement.
On the one hand, our colour perception is related to the type of light and its intensity in the room.
On the other hand, the selection of the appropriate colour palette affects how we feel inside or how we perceive the space.
If we have east facing windows in the house, apartment or room, we shouldn’t choose the walls colour accidentally or on impulse!
Properly selected paint will ensure comfort: focus on work or a pleasant rest.

Apartments or houses with west and south facing windows are usually considered the most attractive.
However, east facing windows are perfect for some rooms.
Properly selected wall colours emphasize the advantages of the eastern exposure and alleviate its shortcomings.

East facing windows in rooms

Rooms with east facing windows are perceived as dark and cool. This is due to the fact that the sun’s rays fall into the room at sunrise, so for most of the day it is no longer intensely illuminated. The sun does not heat the interior as much as it does at noon.

Although we feel good in warm and sunny apartments or houses, east facing windows will work well in some rooms. The exposure to the east cardinal directions can be used, for example, in the kitchen. It produces and retains heat from cooking, so intense sun will cause discomfort in the long run.

The room with east facing windows is very good for arranging a bedroom in it.

Morning sunlight will fill the room with the energy it needs to wake up to daytime activity. At the same time, it will be conducive to evening relaxation and rest. The bedroom from the east guarantees a pleasant coolness and the optimal sleeping temperature. We appreciate it especially in the summer months.

East facing windows – which walls colour to choose?

As a rule, when access to natural light in the room is limited, it is worth choosing bright and warm colours. Lighter colors will reflect the rays of the sun – not many if we have east facing windows. The most universal shades of white and beige.

If the room with eastern exposure that we arrange is large, we can afford not only white or beige paints. Lighter variants of yellows and oranges, as well as warmer shades of green, will also work. 

However, in the case of small interiors, make sure that even warm colors are not too intense. They optically make the rooms smaller. They give the illusion that the wall is getting closer, so the room appears visually less spacious. The greater the saturation of warm tones, the clearer the zooming effect.

Therefore, in small spaces with east facing windows, let’s opt for more whitened shades. Such walls colours will make the arrangement a bit cozier, and the room will appear larger at the same time.

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