The ribbed effect is one of the increasingly popular decorative effects, but at the same time one of the most difficult effects to apply. Panels with ribbed efect change the appearance of the facade and give it a unique and extraordinary look. The ribbed effect can be used not only in newly constructed buildings, but also in old, renovated buildings, thanks to which they gain a new, unique look and character.

KABE DECOR EFFECT – RIBBED EFFECT PANEL is available in the offer of Farby KABE. The ribbed effect is available in two variants (variant A and variant B).

Products necessary to obtain THE RIBBED EFFECT:

  1. PERMURO GT primer. In the case of absorbent substrates, prior application of BUDOGRUNT ZG (outdoors) or BUDOGRUNT WG (interiors) is required.
  2. KOMBI DECOR EFFECT dispersion adhesive
  3. KABE DECOR EFFECT facade panels available in two versions – A version (narrow panel) 11×11 mm and B version (wide panel) 20×21 mm
  4. SILCO F facade silicone paint or AKRYLATEX acrylic paint. In the case of panels installed inside the building, PROFILATEX ceramic paint or PROLATEX latex paint or AKRYLATEX W paint. Paint colours according to the K, NCS, Farbwerk colour charts or the provided pattern.

Useful advice: Correct installation of KABE DECOR EFFECT – FACADE PANELS WITH RIBBED EFFECT is possible using a special grooved trowel (with the imitated groove shape), available from Farby KABE distributors.

The ribbed effect can also be used on the facade in the thermal insulation system:

ATTENTION! Please note that presented decorative effects depend on a large extent on the skills and experiance of the contractor, therefore may differ from the presented examples of use. Farby KABE always recommends that the Contractor prepares a sample of a given decorative effect before starting actual work.
The colours shown are for illustrative purposes only.