In the Farby KABE offer can be found products for composing mosaic spray render with high decorative values with shiny mica MOZAIKER AKORD COLORATO. Thanks to this product, compositions in a wide range of colours can be created.

Sample colour palette


Products necessary to obtain IMITATION OF NATURAL STONE (such as sandstone or granite):

  1. MARMURIT GT primer tinted in the colour of the render
  2. MOZAIKER AKORD COLORATO – the system of composing of mosaic spraying plaster/render
  3. Colours available according to the Farby KABE MOZAIKER AKORD COLORATO gatefold or individually composed in the program available at DESIGN MOSAIC RENDER.

Mosaic render with a grain thickness of 1.5 mm can also be used on the facade with the thermal insulation system:

ATTENTION! Please note that presented decorative effects depend on a large extent on the skills and experiance of the contractor, therefore may differ from the presented examples of use. Farby KABE always recommends that the Contractor prepares a sample of a given decorative effect before starting actual work. 
The colours shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colours are available in the Mozaiker Akord Colorato gatefold.