MOZAIKER DECOR is a mosaic render mass with mica flakes that imitates stone cladding, thanks to which you can achieve an exclusive decorative effect inside the rooms and on the facade. Large mica flakes give a special character to the finished surface, making it shimmer with different colours, depending on the light falling.

Farby KABE offer includes products that allow to achieve a unique effect, available in a wide range of colours.

Sample colour palette

Products necessary to obtain STONE IMITATION WITH LARGE MICA FLAKES:

  1. MARMURIT GT primer tinted in the colour of the render
  2. Mosaic render mass with large mica flakes MOZAIKER DECOR. Available colours according to the MOZAIKER DECOR collection of Farby KABE.

Useful advice: we recommend to devide walls’ larger sections into smaller fragments that better reflect the natural stone cladding and are easier to perform. 

Imitation of stone with mica can also be used on the façade with thermal insulation system:

ATTENTION! Please note that presented decorative effects depend on a large extent on the skills and experiance of the contractor, therefore may differ from the presented examples of use. Farby KABE always recommends that the Contractor prepares a sample of a given decorative effect before starting actual work. 

The colours shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colours are available in the Mozaiker Decor gatefold.