Powder paints are coating materials based on thermosetting polymers. They are produced with the use of synthetic resins and solid substances of mineral and organic origin. Powder paint is applied to painted surfaces using electrostatic applicators and melted and cured by the action of heat or UV radiation.

These materials are used to make a wide range of coverings with various decorative and color effects both inside and outside rooms. They are used for finishing steel, aluminum, ceramic and wood-based surfaces.  Powder paints, due to the lack of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the possibility of easy recycling, are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional liquid products.

The offer of powder paints by Farby KABE includes epoxy products for anti-corrosive and technical applications, hybrid (epoxy-polyester) products for indoor use and polyester, polyurethane and acrylic products for outdoor use – industrial and facade products with Qualicoat approval, also in metallized versions (Dry – Blend and Bonded). The offer is complemented by products for special applications such as Steridur with bacteriostatic properties, Antigraffiti, electroconductive paints, 3D and many others.

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