EWI system for buildings with
mosaic external render and decorative renders imitating stone cladding

KABE THERM MARMURIT / MOZAIKER EWI system is a system of insulating external walls of buildings based on EPS. It is applied in single- and multi-family housing construction industry, public utility and industrial buildings, both in new build and existing (retrofit) building walls to the height of up to 25 m (for the buildings erected before 1 April 1995 to the height of eleventh story inclusively) with a top layer in the form of mosaic renders. The system can be applied on all typical mineral substrates (such as e.g.: concrete, cement render, cement-lime render, sandstone and on raw walls made of bricks, blocks, concrete blocks and other ceramic or silicate materials of that type) as well as on substrates covered by well adhering facade paint coating or thin-coat render. The external layer of the system can be made using structural mosaic renders applied manually by MARMURIT and MOZAIKER DECOR and machine-applied MOZAIKER AKORD.

• Reduction of heating costs
• Interior micro-climate improvement
• Attractive decorative effects and high aesthetics of the facade
• Protection of walls against the impact of adverse atmospheric conditions
• Easy and quick spray renders application
• A wide range of colour compositions

Type of thermal insulation:EPS boards with the following code: EPS-EN 13163-T(2)-L(2)-W(2)-S(5)-P(5)-BS75-DS(N)2-DS (70,-)2-TR80 - MU2O;
Thickness of thermal insulation:from 5 to 30 cm inclusively;
Thermal insulation fixing:bonding or bonding and mechanical fixing;
Use of mechanical fixing:optional (as specified in technical design);
Reinforcing mesh:reinforcing fibreglass mesh;
Fire classification:non-fire spreading system (NRO);
Colours:according to the MARMURIT MOZAIKER AKORD, MOZAIKER DECOR charts;
Grain size:0.8 mm (AKORD) and 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm
Adhesion:• to concrete ≥ 0.25 MPa; • do EPS ≥ 0.08 MPa;
Adhesion after ageing of the surface layer:≥ 0.08 MPa:
Water absorption (after 24 hours):< 0.5 kg/m²;
Impact resistance for the system with MOZAIKER DECOR render :cat. II
• other systemscat.III
Reaction to fire:B-s1, d0