External wall insulation (EWI) system for buildings with mosaic external render and decorative renders imitating stone cladding

KABE THERM MARMURIT / MOZAIKER EWI system is an EPS-based thermal insulation system for external walls. It is applied in single- and multi-family housing construction industry, public utility and industrial buildings – in both the existing and new constructions – to the height of up to 25 m (for the buildings erected before 1 April 1995 to the height of eleventh story, inclusive), with a top layer in the form of mosaic renders. The system can be applied on all common mineral substrates (such as concrete, cement render, cement-lime render, sandstone and on raw walls made of bricks, blocks, hollow bricks and other such ceramic or silicate materials), as well as on surfaces covered with a well-adhered coat of façade paint or thin-coat render. The external layer of the system can be made using MARMURIT and MOZAIKER DECOR structural mosaic renders applied manually and MOZAIKER AKORD spray-applied renders.

• Reduction of building heating costs
• Improved microclimate inside the building
• Attractive decorative eff ects and high aesthetics of the façade
• Wall protection against adverse weather conditions
• Easy and quick application of spray renders
• A wide range of colour compositions

Type of thermal insulation:EPS boards with the following code: EPS- EN 13163-T(2)-L(2)-W(2)-S(5)-P(5)-BS75-DS(N)2-DS(70,-)2-TR80
Thickness of thermal insulation:from 5 to 30 cm inclusively;
Thermal insulation fixing:entirely or partially adhesive-bonded system with additional mechanical fi xing or mechanical fixing with additional bonding;
Use of mechanical fixing:as specifi ed in technical design;
Reinforcing mesh:system reinforcing fibreglass mesh;
Fire classification:non-fire spreading system (NRO);
Render colours:according to the MARMURIT MOZAIKER AKORD, MOZAIKER DECOR colour charts;
Grain size:0.8 mm (AKORD), 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm
Adhesion:• to concrete ≥ 0.25 MPa; • to EPS ≥ 0.08 MPa;
Adhesion after surface layer ageing:≥ 0.08 MPa:
Water absorption (after 24 hours):< 0.5 kg/m²;
Impact resistance for the system with the MOZAIKER DECORcat. II
• other systemscat.III
Reaction to fire:B-s1, d0