Ready-to-use finishing compound for spray application

Ready-to-use finishing compound for machine smoothening of wall and ceiling surfaces inside the buildings. It is especially recommended for final and finishing levelling and smoothening of surfaces before painting. Thanks to its white colour and smooth surface it allows to reduce a quantity of paint coatings needed to achieve a full decorative effect. The product has a form of easy to apply plastic compound which after hardening may be easily processed mechanically by sanding.

To be applied on all typical mineral substrates such as concrete, cement plasters, cement-lime plasters, lime plasters as well as skim coats and drywalls.

Note: The product should not be used in rooms where constant relative
humidity exceeds 70%.

Base binder:organic binder;
Maximum thickness of one layer:up to 3 mm;
Average coverage:ca. 1.8 kg/m² per each 1 mm of the layer thickness;
Temperature of application (air and substrate):from +5°C to +25°C;
Relative humidity:≤ 70%;
Adhesion/cohesion (drywall):>0.25 [N/mm2];
Concrete substrate adhesion:≥0.3 MPa;
Resistance to cracking: no cracks within the zone up to 50 mm from the thin wedge end;
Packaging:Single-use plastic packaging of 30 kg;
Storage:The product should be stored in its sealed packaging in a cool, but frost-protected room;
Shelf life:12-month shelf life from date of production (production date and batch number are printed on the side of the packaging).

• Quick and easy application
• Smooth, decorative surface
• High level of whiteness
• Ready for direct use
• Easy to apply and process mechanically

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: Apply to a sound/stable and clean substrate (without cracks and delaminations), degreased, dry, and biological or chemical efflorescence free. In the case of fungal growth, the substrate should be mechanically cleaned and then disinfect with an indoor fungicide. Any loose layers not bound to the substrate (i.e. dirt, dust, loose render or flaked coatings) should be removed. Old and/or dirty substrates should be washed off and degreased with water and CLEANFORCE cleaning agent. Existing holes, unevennesses and cracks should be filled in pursuant to the best construction practices. Substrates covered with well-set dispersion coating should be ground with a sandpaper and dedusted before ready-to-use finishing compound application. If the product is applied on newly completed mineral substrates (i.e. cement-lime plasters, cement plasters, and concrete substrates) — a min. 2-week curing period is required.

PRIMING: Absorbent substrates should be primed with BUDOGRUNT WG diluted with water (1:1 ratio) before ready-to-use finishing compound application.

FINISHING COMPOUND PREPARATION: Product intended for direct use — do not dilute. Before application, the product should be thoroughly mixed.

APPLICATION: Apply a thin, uniform layer of ready-to-use finishing compound on the substrate at a thickness from 1 mm to 3 mm, using a spraying machine (can be applied with worm machines). In order to do it, one can use both special tools intended for applying finishing compounds (e.g. T-MAX of GRACO company or Ranger of KOMATZ company), as well as suitably powerful devices for the application of paints (e.g. Mark V and recommended MARK VII of GRACO company). While spraying, the gun should be directed perpendicularly towards the substrate at a distance of ca. 1.0 m. If greater unevenness is present, the material should be applied in a few layers after the previous layer hardens. After the surface dries, it may be ground with a trowel with a mesh or a sandpaper.

DRYING: The layer of finishing compound at a thickness of 3 mm applied on the substrate can be subject to further processing after ca. 12 hours (20°C, 55% RH). Substrate water absorbency and air circulation in the room significantly affect the drying time of finishing compound.

USEFUL HINTS: The application and drying of the product requires a temperature (air and substrate) between 5-25°C. All tools to be cleaned with water after finishing work.