Filled-in primer (for dispersion interior paints)

AQUALIT primer is a filled-in product based on dispersion and silicate binder for the proper preparation of a substrate for finish paint coatings applied inside buildings. It is especially recommended for ‘difficult’ substrates of differentiated absorption and colour scheme (such as patched drywalls). It is intended for substrate priming before applying dispersion paints: PROFILATEX, PROLATEX, OPTILATEX, OPTIMA, PERFEKTA, MILAMAT.

To be applied on all typical, absorbent mineral substrates (such as drywalls, gypsum finishing compounds, levelling compounds as well as gypsum plasters, lime plasters, cement plasters and cement-lime plasters).

Note: The substrate should not be applied to prime the substrates of low wettability (such as dispersion paint coatings and top coats based on polymers).

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Base binder:acrylic binder and potassium water glass;
The content of volatile organic compounds VOC:cat. A/g. The product contains less than 30 g / l VOC;
Density:ca. 1.3 g/cm³;
Average coverage:ca. 0.10 l/m² (depending on the absorptivity and roughness of the substrate);
Temperature of application (air and substrate):from +5°C to +25°C;
Relative humidity:≤80%;
Packaging:Single-use plastic packaging of 5 and 10;
Storage:The product should be stored in its sealed packaging in a cool, but frost-protected room. After opening and using some of the contents, the packaging should be used up as soon as possible. Keep out of the reach of children;
Shelf life:Originally sealed products have a 12-month shelf life from the date of production (this is printed on the side of the packaging).

• Reduces substrate water absorbency
• Improves coating adhesion
• Strengthens the substrate
• Intended for all typical mineral substrates (especially on non-uniform substrates)
• Unifies colour scheme of the substrate
• Easy application

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: Apply to a sound/stable and clean substrate (without cracks and delaminations), degreased, dry, and free of biological contamination or chemical efflorescence. In the case of fungal growth, the substrate
should be mechanically cleaned and then disinfect with an indoor fungicide. Discolourations, nicotine stains and efflorescences caused by water stains should be painted first with MILAMAT stain blocker. Any loose layers not bound to the substrate (i.e. loose render or flaked coatings) should be removed. Old and/or dirty substrates should be washed off and degreased with water and CLEANFORCE cleaning agent. For uneven substrates, first use KOMBI FINISZ levelling compound and then level the surface with PROFINISZ ready-to-use finishing compound. Small unevenness can be levelled out at once with PROFINISZ ready-to-use finishing compound. Absorbent substrates should be primed with BUDOGRUNT WG before ready-to-use finishing compound and/or levelling compound application. If product is applied on new mineral substrates (such as cement plaster, cement-lime plaster), seasoning of at least 2 weeks should be kept.

BASE PREPARATION: The packaging contains a ready-to-use product. It cannot be diluted.

APPLICATION: Product should be applied on the substrate in one layer by means of a brush, roller or spraying (including also ‘airless’ method).

DRYING: Typical drying time of a product applied to the substrate lasts approx. 3 h (20°C, 55% RH). After priming, closed rooms to be ventilated.

USEFUL HINTS: During application and drying of the base, the air temperature should be above +5°C. All tools should be cleaned with water after work is completed.