Mosaic renders are used for the application of thin top coats outside and inside buildings. Mosaic renders are especially recommended for the decorative finishing of walls in rooms of heavy traffic and for architectural elements to be found on the facades of buildings (such as pedestals, pilasters, cornices) and in KABE THERM EWI systems based on EPS boards.

The main advantages of mosaic renders:
– high decorative value of multi-colour top coat ;
– high impact resistance;
– high resistance to adverse atmospheric conditions;
– easy to keep clean;
– wide range of blends;
– quick process for preparing of ready colour blends.

MARMURIT – Mosaic render

It is used for the application of…More information

MARMURIT COLORATO – The system of composing mosaic render blends, based on coloured, broken marble aggregate

MARMURIT COLORATO render is a two-component composition…More information

MOZAIKER AKORD COLORATO – The system of composing of mosaic spraying plaster/render based on coloured quartz aggregate

MOZAIKER AKORD COLORATO render is two-component composition…More information

MOZAIKER DECOR – Mosaic render with mica flakes

Used for manual application of thin top…More information